This is a complex for creators who live what they create!

In the city center of Kaunas, there are exclusive style spaces with workshops, creative evenings and separate rental studios for permanent work.

Meno Materija is a home whose walls are reminiscent of art, where it is comfortable to be, create and experiment. It can be a place to share knowledge and equally to receive it.

Through creation, we find a connection with ourselves, with each other and with the space that surrounds us.

Meno Materija is a place where time stands still and creativity becomes the most important surrounding connection.

Creative Workshop Space

Our mission is to unite professional artists and to offer a variety of creative experiences that encourage self-discovery and imagination. In a modern and stylish art house, people of all ages and views gather to explore different art forms, teach and learn creativity.

What makes our house special?

The spaces are filled with neutral colors, modern architectural solutions, textured walls, all on old parquet floors. The workspaces are separated by glass walls, conveying spaciousness. Here you can enjoy a cozy lounge area, sip your morning coffee, organize lively meetings, or spend afternoons in the creative community.

Do these workspaces suit me?

Workspaces that can hardly be called offices, because Meno Materija is about freedom, art and creativity. It’s a place for content and brand creators, architects, interior designers, or inspirational souls who have set up studios as a hobby, and who want an aesthetic and stylish environment. Here you can get new ideas for your work, spend valuable time and create aesthetic content.

If you’re interested in our workspaces, get in touch with us and we’ll give you a tour and show you around.